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Joins are drawn from the Left Hand Side table to the Right Hand Side table.

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Logic Statement – IF-THEN-ELSE   

A logic-test statement is evaluated and will be either TRUE or FALSE

Replace the IF with the logic-test.  Replace the THEN with the TRUE result .  Replace the ELSE with the FALSE result (or another IF-THEN-ELSE construct for a nested function).

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True / False – Combined with AND / OR / NOT

A LOGIC statement will evaluate as either TRUE (1) or FALSE (0). Be careful when testing for a variable to be NULL. A NULL value is NOT the same as an EMPTY string.  

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NULL or EMPTY – What is the difference?   

What is a NULL value? Consider the stock table and the supplier table.  These tables can be linked to relate the suppliers associated with the stock record.  

When viewing the Stock Record’s <Supplier> tab there may be no listed suppliers, there may be a single supplier or there may be many suppliers.

If there are any suppliers listed one of them will also be recorded as the preferred supplier. However, if there are no listed suppliers then we have a NULL scenario.

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