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Report of the Month

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November 2019
Report 185 – SOP/BOM
The standard Sage BOM explosion report (BOM_EXPLOSION.layout) has been amended to show the cost against each component within the exploded details and display a grand cost total of the finished product.

October 2019
Report 179 – Price Book

Sage have now introduced a second price band feature linked to customer accounts under the <Pricing> tab. Normal use of the additional LIMITED Price Bands would be restricted to a single additional Price band – However, it is possible to add multiple limited Price Bands.  This new report helps identify which customers have been linked to two or more limited Price Bands.

September 2019
Report 178 – Sales Ledger

The standard Sage Aged Debtors report with two additional columns for the outstanding Net and VAT. The Grand total Summary at the footer of the report also analyses the Net and VAT values under the aged columns.

Report 177 – Nominal Ledger

This new report addresses the wish to see all three years with MTD & YTD values across the page on a Trial Balance. The years relative to the current year selected for this report are 0,-1 and -2