Sales Order Processing 2

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Sales Order Processing 2

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Year on Year Sales Analysis – Value and Quantity per month over last three years 149 >>>>> View Sample Print

This report reads through the SOP Invoiced and Credit Note records for the selected customer and reports back Show More the totals for each stock item for the selected base year and the two previous years. Thus, if the base year is set to 2018 then the years 2018, 2017 and 2016 are reported back.The totals for each selected customer is displayed at the top (header) for the customer rather than the usual footer for the customer.This report also includes run time criteria to allow for the Stock Item totals to be suppressed so the report can be run as a summary report to return only the Customer grand totals.
KPI – Sales Orders Delivered on Time by Promised Date 149 >>>>> View Sample Print

An analysis of the date despatched compared with the date promised to confirm if the customer has been well serviced. Show More The report will show a one line summary per customer or a one line summary per order within the customer. Note – The Order Line summary indicates if the order despatched was SPLIT across more than a single despatch date.    
SOP Goods Out (Despatch) Analysis 25 >>>>> View Sample Print
This report summarises the despatches to the customers over the selected date range and reports back Show More the number of order lines, the number of orders, the number of different days, the number of stock units despatched, the sales and cost values and the profit percentage.
122 13 period analysis (month or week) 199 View Sample Print
SOP analysis tabulated across 13 periods. If the periods are months then the DAY of the last period date is used for the end day for both column 1 and column 13. Show More This will then allow for a better comparison between column 1 and 13. With eight sort sequences and the ability to report in months or weeks you get 16 value reports. You also get 16 quantity reports if you select to switch to report quantities **This report therefore offers 32 reports in one.  **
145 Sales Order Processing Module Settings – Printout 10 >>>>>
The module settings set against each tab are printed out per tab section to offer a record of how the Sage module has been set up.
Outstanding Order Value to be Invoiced 49 >>>>> View Sample Print
This report has been created following a request to provide a one line summary per SOP order / return to show the Full Order Value, the Invoiced Value and the Difference (O/S Invoice Value). All selected orders can be displayed or just the orders with outstanding invoices.
SOP Orders Despatched On Time Analysis 149 >>>>> View Sample Print
This report summaries the LINE despatches against selected orders and reports back how many lines were despatched and how many of these lines were also despatched On Time and In full. Show More Using the run ti,e criteria options it is possible to produce the three output levels as the samples below. Also see report # 114 which shows if the reported despatched SOPO Order number was SPLIT across more than a single despatch date.
SOP Customer Delivery Addresses FOC View Sample Print
This report details the SOP Customer Delivery Address details linked to the selected Customer Accounts.  The stepped layout of the reported details allows the report to be exported to CSV format and then saved as an Excel file to provide a single row per Customer Delivery Address.
Summary of Quantities and Sale Values on Invoices and Credit Notes 25 >>>>> View Sample Print
This report summarises the SOP Invoice and C/Note lines to report back the totals within the selected Date Range. When the report is grouped by Customer A/C the values are reported in the Customer’s currency. When the report is grouped by Stock Item the values are converted to BASE currency.
Collection Note FOC View Sample Print
This report is built around the SOP Order Acknowledgement layout to produce a report against a SOP Order Return.  The SOP Order Return will be used later to process the returned goods and generate the related Credit Note.
Back Order Report 49 >>>>> View Sample Print
All selected orders are reported showing outstanding order line detail and totals per order number.  Order lines with no back order quantity are not displayed.
Outstanding Order Value to be Invoiced – Includes Credit Control Data 99 >>>>> View Sample Print
A one-line summary per SOP order / return shows the Full Order Value, the Invoiced Value and the Difference (O/S Invoice Value). Show More The run time criteria can be set to show order line details before the order line summary totals. This report is grouped by Customer Account Number and in addition to reporting the order value still to be invoiced the account’s current balance and credit limit are also shown. Adding the account balance and the pending invoice value gives a rough guide to the total that will be owed by the customer. This rough calculation is then compared with the credit limit and if the credit limited is exceeded the credit limit figure is displayed in red. The calculation is a rough guide because the pending invoice values do not include any possible VAT. Reported values are in account currency but the pending invoice totals are converted in to BASE currency to calculate the overall report’s pending invoice total.
Sales Order Allocations Required by Warehouse / Stock 149 >>>>> View Sample Print
An enhanced version of the Standard Sage report found under .. Processing – Order Lines – Sales Order Allocations Required .  The report has been amended to group by Warehouse and Stock Item thus giving the total allocations required by this group to be compared with the free stock availability.
Sales Order Allocation Line Analysis by Customer / SOP Order No. 149 >>>>> View Sample Print
Picking Lists report back on the Allocation Lines against SOP Orders that have not yet been printed on previous Picking Lists. Before printing the picking List you may wish to check the order line status to ensure a picking list will be produced. The report is grouped by Customer and then the SOP Order Number reference.