Report 184

Sage 200 Reports: Sales Order Processing

Sage 200 Reports: Sales Order Processing

Report 184  Price £500



SOP Picking List amended to display the BOM breakdown against ToBePicked BOM items and produce an exploded BOM breakdown under each SOP Order Return Line in the same sequence as a Sage BOM explosion report across multiple levels.

A Summary page grouping all components to be picked also includes the SOP Order Line reference so all items can be picked from  the summary page(s) and grouped by Product Group code for ease of picking.


Developed to enable the Picking List report to show BOM breakdown witout the need to invest in implementing full blown BOM and Works Orders or investing in 3rd party programming solutions.


As standard report.  

Printed report – Detailed Breakdown per Order Line and Summary page(s).

RR-184-Picking List

Designed to output to

Printer (& PDF) – Y    

Excel – N    


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