Report 158

Sage 200 Reports: Sales Ledger

Report 158   Price £25

Time Taken to Pay Sales Invoices – Enhanced


An enhanced version of the standard Sage report inspired by the Sage Report of the Month for August 2018.

The Sage ROTM only displays the summary average days to pay. This new report can also be set to show the invoice details as per the original Sage report

In addition this new report can also report the days taken to pay calculated on the Due Date rather than the standard Transaction Date.

When the report is exported to Excel only the summary data is exported – thus the same report can be printed in detail but exported to Excel (in summary) for further analysis to confirm which customers are the best or worst payers.


A/C Ref


Transaction Date

Full Settlement Date

Customer Analysis Code 1, 2 and 3

Show Customer Invoices (Tick for Yes)

Days to Pay calculated on (Tran. or Due)

Summary – Transaction Date

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Detailed – Due Date

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Detailed report but only the summary data is exported 

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Designed to output to

Printer (& PDF) – Y    

Excel – Y    


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