Report 174

Sage 200 Reports: Nominal Ledger

Report 174   Price £149

Nominal Ledger Single Line Trial Balance (12 Periods) – This Year


This new report addresses the wish to see all of the 12 periods across the page on a Trial Balance.

This new version of previous report 112 has been re-designed to report back the current year periods only.  the  running YTD figures have been dropped and a new YTD column added to show the YTD after the last selected period is reported.

Nominal posting codes that have no movements within the reported periods are not shown on the report.

The report has been designed to directly Export to Excel but can also be printed.


As standard Sage

Print version

RR-174-NOM Single Line 12 Period TB

Export to Excel version

RR-174-NOM - Excel

Designed to output to

Printer (& PDF) – Y    

Excel – Y     


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