Report 179a

Sage 200 Reports: Price Book

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Multiple Limited Price Bands against a single Customer (v2019)

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Sage have now introduced a second price band feature linked to customer accounts under the <Pricing> tab..

Normal use of the additional LIMITED Price Bands would be restricted to a single additional Price band – However, it is possible to add multiple limited Price Bands.  This new report helps identify which customers have been linked to two or more limited Price Bands.

Run with default criteria to list all customers and their linked price bands – Tick the 2 or more LIMITED Price Bands criteria to only return the customers that have multiple limited price bands.

This new report is based on the new 2019 version of the Sage software.



Price Band Currency

Price Band

2 or more LIMITED Price Bands

RR 179 - Customers Linked to Price Bands - 2plus
RR 179 - Customers Linked to Price Bands - All

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Printer (& PDF) – Y    

Excel – N    


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