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About Rich Reports

There are currently 36 Financial and 37 Commercial reports listed. Prices – FOC to a maximum of £250

Following retirement in June 2018 after 30+ years of using various Tetra and Sage software and for the last ten years supporting Sage MMS and Sage 200 I have set up Rich Reports to create an outlet where the Sage 200 community can purchase inexpensive reports to enhance the standard Sage ‘out of the box‘ reporting.

If Pay-As-You-Go is not for you and you would prefer to open a Credit Account please use the contact form or E-Mail link below to register your interest.

About the Author

  • Prior to using Sage I trained as a Mathematics teacher. My enjoyment of mathematics developed my problem solving skills and a keen insight into the TRUE and/or FALSE logic functions essential to create complex reports.
  • After leaving teaching and moving into commerce I developed my report design skills using Tetraplan, Tetra 200, Sage CS/3, Sage MMS and Sage 200.



  • Inspired by requests to drill down into the Sage data or simply display the Sage data in a better format the listed reports on this site are a ‘shop window’ on what type of reports can be created by only resorting to the Sage 200 built-in Report Designer, thus making available reports that extract the hidden answers buried within your Sage 200  – often taking the standard Sage report as a template and re-deignimg it to deliver an output in a better format. However, sometimes a required report is just ‘missing’ from Sage and needs to be created from scratch. 
  • We are a family run business and do everything ourselves, from report development to web design.
  • Please use the contact features below to send in your comments and suggestions – alternatively go to the Design Services section to request a new report.


Contact Us

Use the form below to contact us or drop us an email at info@rich-reports.co.uk

or call us now on 0333 050 9051