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About Rich Reports

There are currently 48 Financial and 50 Commercial reports listed. Prices – F.O.C. to under £200 for the majority of reports.

Following retirement in June 2018 after 30+ years of using various Tetra and Sage software and for the last ten years supporting Sage MMS and Sage 200 I have set up Rich Reports to create an outlet where the Sage 200 community can purchase inexpensive reports to enhance the standard Sage ‘out of the box‘ reporting.

Contact your business partner to see if they would commission a report on your behalf or use the contact details found within these pages to contact Rich Reports directly. Our prices will always be competitive!

About the Author

  • Richard Lincoln – Pinnacle Computing (Retired) is the author of reports published on this site. With over 30 years of experience creating reports for Tetra and Sage software our design selections will help reveal the hidden answers held in your Sage 200 data.
  • After retiring I now work as a freelance report designer consultant and work closely with Starkey Consultancy who have also supplied me with the latest Sage 200 version of software via remote access to VM servers through UKFast. and MyBusines Cloud
  • Prior to using Sage I trained as a Mathematics teacher. My enjoyment of mathematics developed my problem solving skills and a keen insight into the TRUE and/or FALSE logic functions essential to create complex reports.
  • After leaving teaching and moving into commerce I developed my report design skills using Tetraplan, Tetra 200, Sage CS/3, Sage MMS and Sage 200.


  • Inspired by requests to drill down into the Sage data or simply display the Sage data in a better format the listed reports on this site are a ‘shop window’ on what type of reports can be created by only resorting to the Sage 200 built-in Report Designer, thus making available reports that extract the hidden answers buried within your Sage 200  – often taking the standard Sage report as a template and re-designing it to deliver an output in a better format. However, sometimes a required report is just ‘missing’ from Sage and needs to be created from scratch. 
  • We are a family run business and do everything ourselves, from report development to web design.
  • Please use the contact features below to send in your comments and suggestions – alternatively go to the Design Services section to request a new report.

Contact Us

Please drop an email to  or call on 0333 050 9051

Sage City Report Example.(Report # 193 – 16 Dec. 2019)