Report 167

Sage 200 Reports: Sales Order Processing

Report 167   Price £99

Outstanding Order Value to be Invoiced  – Includes Credit Control Data


A one-line summary per SOP order / return shows the Full Order Value, the Invoiced Value and the Difference (O/S Invoice Value).

The run time criteria can be set to show order line details before the order line summary totals.

This report is grouped by Customer Account Number and in addition to reporting the order value still to be invoiced the account’s current balance and credit limit are also shown.

Adding the account balance and the pending invoice value gives a rough guide to the total that will be owed by the customer. This rough calculation is then compared with the credit limit and if the credit limited is exceeded the credit limit figure is displayed in red.  The calculation is a rough guide because the pending invoice values do not include any possible VAT.

Reported values are in account currency but the pending invoice totals are converted in to BASE currency to calculate the overall report’s pending invoice total. 





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